Sunday, 8 November 2009

Free Forex Signals - how to use my signals for trading

Free forex Signals-How to use my signals

Everyday started from GMT 0600hrs onwards ,I will start publish my signal step my step depend to the market movement and good position if available at least about 8 currency will be publish before GMT 1200hrs.

The technique is to take at least 8 to 10 pending order before GMT 1200hrs. For risk management please use as  example: if your equity is 1000USD use 0.10USD/lot.

If pending position execute at least 5 positions, delete all the remaining which still pending and focus on it for taking profit.

Here is the theory, everyday I'm looking at the highest and the lowest price of the selected currency. We don't want to play using ranging area which will start going up and down and at last will give us ending with negative profit. So why not we wait with our pending orders until the market finish going up/down than we enter.So that's mean if market still move after the pending order execute it will not go much higher and posibility to turn back is much-much better than we take position at the middle of the high/low market.

Because of this reason that why we need to use more currency(pairs) so at least if we do 8 to 12 pending orders normally we will get 3 to 5 position execute with the best price their high and low.

So you traders please choose whatever currencies that I'd published. Remember don't use more than 2% of your equity for every position.

1000 USD - use 0.10 USD /lot
2000 USD - use 0.20 USD /lot
3000 USD - use 0.30 USD /lot

Normally I use 100pips for S/L for each currency(pairs).

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